What are Cij Printers?

  CIJ Printers

Everybody, who is part of the digital world that we live in, knows what a printer is. They might even know the different types of printers that are out there. For example, Dot matrix printers, Inkjet printers and laser printers.

Printers how do they work

Many of you will use an inkjet printer these days in your homes to print all sorts of information off. It is always good to have a hardcopy of important information. Laser printers do the exact same thing but they do use dried ink and laser that ink straight in the paper.

Industrial Inkjet printers

Besides the consumer printers that you can buy online or in a store. There are printers made that you are unable to buy in a normal retail shop. Only because as a home user there is no application that you are a customer need that type of printer for. Those printers are called continues inkjet printers.

Food and Beverages

Those printers are mostly used in factories that produce products that are used for consumption. If you ever look on a can on of pop, soda if you like. Then you will see a bunch of numbers on it and you will see the expiration date printed on it. That is a prime example of what a continues inkjet printer does.

They can be sued not only to print those numbers on it but they can also print an invisible UV code on the can. This means that they can is guaranteed by the factory to have come from there. So if in any case there is something wrong with the product the can will be scanned and the problem can be easily traced back to the factory. Read more information about CIJ Printers come visit us at Needham-Coding.com.


CIJ Printers Info


At some point, many people find themselves in need of a great CIJ printer. If and when this time comes for you, you'll want to avoid paying high prices and/or attaining a substandard piece of equipment. To make it happen, you need to find the right retailer. Use the following strategies to ensure that you can:

1. Read The Printer Company's Online Reviews.

If you're serious about attaining the best CIJ Printers on the block, make sure that you read the company's online reviews. This will help you determine whether the customers served by the company thus far are satisfied with their services.

2. Look For A Warranty.

Unfortunately, your CIJ printer might break at some point. This is even the case when you buy a top notch brand. As such, try to select a retailer that offers a warranty on the product. This will help ensure that you can get the CIJ printer fixed if it breaks.

3. Speak With A Customer Service Representative.

This step helps you determine whether the CIJ printer company offers excellent customer service while also ensuring that you can have all of your questions answered.

4. Compare And Contrast.

The rise of the Internet makes this task easier than ever. Comparing and contrasting is immensely important for several reasons. One is that it enables you to see which features come with which brands, thereby ensuring that you'll find the CIJ printer that can perform all the tasks you require. Also be sure to compare and contrast so that you can attain the most cost-effective price on your printer.


If you're ready for a great CIJ printer, you need to find the ideal retailer. Use this quick reference guide to help you do so.

CIJ Printers Will Give You Good Results


Look Into CIJ Printers Right Now
If you are ready to buy a new printer, then you should look into all of the possibilities. You should think about brands that make printers, and how very different one is from the next, and you should also think about the types of printers that are out there. CIJ Printers may be just the thing for you, or they might not be. You will want to think about all of this and take your time as you do that, so that you can pick the best printers for yourself.

You Will Love The Way The New Printers Work
When you have decided on the brand and kind of printers, and when you bring them into your office, you will love the way that they work. You will be impressed with them and the way that they are doing all of the things that need to get done, and you will love that they are running so well. You will have some fun as you are using them, and you will appreciate the way that they work. There is nothing better than having some good printers there for you.

You Will Be Happy You Have Spent Your Money On Something So Good
You will be glad that you did not make a mistake on the printers that you have bought, but that you have instead spent your money on something good. There are many printers out there, and you won't want to choose something that will let you down. Instead, you will want to choose the type of printer that will keep going to give you good results all of the time.

Needham Coding for your Printing Solutions


Needham Coding is an industry leader and we offer a mulititude of options for your printing needs. We have world-class products that are used in the global and local market. Our product lines have a wide variety of usage and our collection includes continuous and thermal inkjet printers, high resolution industrial printers and laser marking systems. For the client who needs more from our Needham Coding product lines, we offer both yellow and white pigmented printers, as well as food grade, micro-ink and UV invisible ink printers.

Flexibility for our clients is important to us so we have rental programs for your needs, and we also have a myriad of services with which to support our products. Our reliable products have servicing packages, we offer warranties and we illustrate the usage of our systems through buying guides that enable our clients to choose the features they want for their unique needs.

Our clients need innovation and we have it. For example, at beverage company Pepsi, we offer the Citronix ci1000 HS50 High Speed system that offers high-quality printing with reliable print at extremely high speeds. At Protisa, our printers utilize the latest technology for printing on toilet paper and napkins and use environmentally friendly Ethanol ink, which is the only continuous inkjet offering this advancement in printing.

When our clients choose Needham Coding products they know that they are getting the highest customer satisfaction, the most reliable products and the best ideas in innovation. We will work with you and the needs your organization has to make sure that we deliver the best printing solutions that the industry can offer. Contact Needham Coding to discuss your business and how our printing solutions can help you succeed!

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CIJ Printers Info


Citronix Continuous Inkjet Systems are distributed by the Needham Group Coding Division in the UK and Ireland. The company specializes in a wide range of CIJ printers and support systems for those printers throughout the nation.

CIJ printers are known for its compatibility with many operating systems and lowest running costs. Some of the industries that Needham Coding Limited has been successfully able to cover with its impeccable products and services include, but not limited to, cosmetics, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, extrusion and automotive. The level of sales and support that this company offers for CIJ printers and related accessories are unmatched as well. They have highly trained employees and established distributors to rely on for the long run. The company understands the need of various customers from all walks of life and therefore provides the most advanced ink jet service with the best support - a trait that most printer companies don't possess.

What's more? CIJ Printers come with high resolution, high speed and low cost parts that one can totally rely on for their home or office needs. These printers are able to lower your printing costs as well as reduce downtime while increasing profitability of your production and operation. With ultra-compact print-heads printers, users can now make use of the tightest spaces in their production business and fulfill all their printing requirements at the same time. The Citronix Continuous Inkjet Systems, in fact, offers the best and most advanced features apart from the high quality printing. In addition, most or all CIJ printers come with a standard multiple year warranty so users can confidently use the product and customer support that is added as a bonus offer. There are no hidden charges and no call-out fees with this service. Overall, these printers are well-suited for any purpose, especially if you are looking for a low-cost, high quality alternative.