CIJ Printers Info


Citronix Continuous Inkjet Systems are distributed by the Needham Group Coding Division in the UK and Ireland. The company specializes in a wide range of CIJ printers and support systems for those printers throughout the nation.

CIJ printers are known for its compatibility with many operating systems and lowest running costs. Some of the industries that Needham Coding Limited has been successfully able to cover with its impeccable products and services include, but not limited to, cosmetics, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, extrusion and automotive. The level of sales and support that this company offers for CIJ printers and related accessories are unmatched as well. They have highly trained employees and established distributors to rely on for the long run. The company understands the need of various customers from all walks of life and therefore provides the most advanced ink jet service with the best support - a trait that most printer companies don't possess.

What's more? CIJ Printers come with high resolution, high speed and low cost parts that one can totally rely on for their home or office needs. These printers are able to lower your printing costs as well as reduce downtime while increasing profitability of your production and operation. With ultra-compact print-heads printers, users can now make use of the tightest spaces in their production business and fulfill all their printing requirements at the same time. The Citronix Continuous Inkjet Systems, in fact, offers the best and most advanced features apart from the high quality printing. In addition, most or all CIJ printers come with a standard multiple year warranty so users can confidently use the product and customer support that is added as a bonus offer. There are no hidden charges and no call-out fees with this service. Overall, these printers are well-suited for any purpose, especially if you are looking for a low-cost, high quality alternative.