Needham Coding for your Printing Solutions


Needham Coding is an industry leader and we offer a mulititude of options for your printing needs. We have world-class products that are used in the global and local market. Our product lines have a wide variety of usage and our collection includes continuous and thermal inkjet printers, high resolution industrial printers and laser marking systems. For the client who needs more from our Needham Coding product lines, we offer both yellow and white pigmented printers, as well as food grade, micro-ink and UV invisible ink printers.

Flexibility for our clients is important to us so we have rental programs for your needs, and we also have a myriad of services with which to support our products. Our reliable products have servicing packages, we offer warranties and we illustrate the usage of our systems through buying guides that enable our clients to choose the features they want for their unique needs.

Our clients need innovation and we have it. For example, at beverage company Pepsi, we offer the Citronix ci1000 HS50 High Speed system that offers high-quality printing with reliable print at extremely high speeds. At Protisa, our printers utilize the latest technology for printing on toilet paper and napkins and use environmentally friendly Ethanol ink, which is the only continuous inkjet offering this advancement in printing.

When our clients choose Needham Coding products they know that they are getting the highest customer satisfaction, the most reliable products and the best ideas in innovation. We will work with you and the needs your organization has to make sure that we deliver the best printing solutions that the industry can offer. Contact Needham Coding to discuss your business and how our printing solutions can help you succeed!

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