What are Cij Printers?

  CIJ Printers

Everybody, who is part of the digital world that we live in, knows what a printer is. They might even know the different types of printers that are out there. For example, Dot matrix printers, Inkjet printers and laser printers.

Printers how do they work

Many of you will use an inkjet printer these days in your homes to print all sorts of information off. It is always good to have a hardcopy of important information. Laser printers do the exact same thing but they do use dried ink and laser that ink straight in the paper.

Industrial Inkjet printers

Besides the consumer printers that you can buy online or in a store. There are printers made that you are unable to buy in a normal retail shop. Only because as a home user there is no application that you are a customer need that type of printer for. Those printers are called continues inkjet printers.

Food and Beverages

Those printers are mostly used in factories that produce products that are used for consumption. If you ever look on a can on of pop, soda if you like. Then you will see a bunch of numbers on it and you will see the expiration date printed on it. That is a prime example of what a continues inkjet printer does.

They can be sued not only to print those numbers on it but they can also print an invisible UV code on the can. This means that they can is guaranteed by the factory to have come from there. So if in any case there is something wrong with the product the can will be scanned and the problem can be easily traced back to the factory. Read more information about CIJ Printers come visit us at Needham-Coding.com.