Guide to Continuous Inkjet Printing and Coding Technology


Needham Group was founded in the year 1962. They are well known in the UK for coding and marking system, ink development, coding technologies, laser etching machines, manufacture, and supply. They have specialized in provision of marking systems and engraving machines,

The main business is of Needham Group is within the manufacture and the distribution of inks which are used for packaging, car parts, foodstuffs and other households brands. When conducting their business, the company is guided by strong set values since it is a family led business.

State-of-the-art laser marking systems

Their laser marking systems are very reliable, that why most people consider the system as world-leading in term of technology. Today, Needham are the exclusive UK distributors for MACSA and TYKMA Electrox since they provide durable and advanced laser marking systems at a very competitive and friendly price.

Robust Industrial Inkjet Printers

Needham Group have differentiated themselves from their competitors, they have managed to do this by bringing you the best and most advanced industrial inkjet printers. They get their inkjet printers from the strongest brands, the inkjet printers are very dependable and are backed by the Great British Services at a very low cost. Needham Group systems are used internationally, that is from the house brands to the Formula 1.

Included As Standard

Most of Needham Group systems have been covered by three-year warranty. Also, you are not charged any fee for Engineer Call-Outs. The only thing you pay for is the time spent on site, however, their engineers ensure their hourly rate is very competitive. Make sure to utilize their operator training, they have an in-house expert or an on-site expert who offers you training on how to use your laser marking system. They also have the repository of guides who can guide you through. Learn more information about CIJ Printers come check us out.