Needham Coding

                    Nano – Mini Laser Engraver

Needham Coding is a multi-business that was established in 1962, the business is involved in development, retail and distribution of the coding system. Needham Coding has specialized in the United Kingdom which is its main market, where they have provided the market with laser marking equipment and unmatched support for years. Below are some of the services provided by Needham Coding.

Leasing Laser Marking Machines

Needham has a wide variety of laser marking machines, for instance, the CIJ and TIJ printers, handheld dot-peen machines and many others which they readily lease and rent to their customers, they also provide training on how to install and properly use the machines. Needham Coding has also ensured that the leasing and rental options cover every single customer no matter the uniqueness of their case.

Marking Services

Needham Coding provides laser etching services, the good thing with a laser it can engrave almost anything. Such products include metals, LED and electronic components and organics such as stones. These marking services are also used in carbonizing, annealing and color frothing processes.

Sale of Used Laser Systems

The equipment used in laser engraving can be brand new or refurbished, all of which are available in Needham Coding. The company has a variety of marking systems which have already been used but are working perfectly. Most of this engraving systems are powered by CO2 and YAG and Needham Coding usually update their website when the systems are available. For every system they supply, old or new, the company always offer training on how to use the system.

The reason why Needham Coding invests much time and resources in training and providing support to their customers is to increase the customers' profitability, reduce the coding cost and of course increase the efficiency of the sold equipment. The company provides all kind of support which includes techniques on substrates and how to operate the software in the systems. Learn a great deal about CIJ Printers come visit our site.